Simulation Driven Composite Design & Optimisation Webinar

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Simulation Driven Composite Design & Optimisation Webinar

Online Webinar

28 Oct 2021 - 14:00 - 14:45

Who is it for?

This webinar is for; Designers, Engineering Directors, Managers, Project Managers. Though, the webinar will also be interesting for anyone interested in streamlining manufacturing and design processes.

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What is this event about?

Across many industries, from automotive and transport applications to aerospace and marine, design optimisation is recognised as a key step in the development process. Optimisation-led design delivers a significant competitive and cost-saving advantage. Leading engineering companies are putting it into practice to maximise the potential of their structural simulation tools and deliver better designs faster.

What are your challenges?
  • Are you looking for a single composite development environment to design, simulate and optimise?
  • Do you want to maximise the efficiency of your composite materials?
  • Do your design iteration times often extend beyond your project plan?
  • Do you struggle to meet multiple design requirements?

In this Laminate Optimisation webinar, you’ll discover how you can keep your project within your timeline, meet competing requirements and efficiently uncover the best laminate design for your purpose.

Find out how you can:
  • Simulate laminates and evaluate manufacturing feasibility
  • Reduce material usage, cost and mass while maximising the benefit of composites through efficient fibre placement.
  • Uncover the most efficient composite ply-shapes and laminates to meet multiple requirements.
  • Avoid costly and unpredictable design iteration loops that cause project delays.
  • Rapidly evaluate and compare the feasibility of multiple design concepts.

Laminate development, simulation & optimisation can be easily deployed in Simcenter 3D.  From using Simcenter Laminate Composites to define and evaluate the initial manufacturing feasibly of designs, to ply shape and laminate optimisation using OptiAssist, the Simcenter ecosystem delivers a comprehensive and fully integrated environment for developing your composite designs.

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What we'll cover in the Webinar


Composite efficiency


Multiple Design Requirements


Simulate laminates

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Evaluate manufacturing feasibility


Efficient fibre placement

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Composite ply-shapes and laminates

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Design iteration loops

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Evaluate multiple design concepts

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