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Simcenter Simulation Token Licensing

Are there simulation tools you would like to use, but they are out of reach?

Imagine having affordable, instant access to a pool of more than 85+ Simulation tools to optimize your product development.

Discover Simcenter Token Licensing – Benefit from a unified, scalable, open and extensible environment for CAE.

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Simulation Token Licensing is here

A new way your business can adopt and use Simulation tools in the most cost effective way, all whilst putting the license control and quick and easy setup in your organizations hands.

With Simcenter Token Licensing, your business can:

  • Gain access to 85+ Simulation modules in a central software pool
  • Work quickly, checking in and out of licenses that you manage
  • ​Scale your license usage, cost effectively
  • Be in control of your licensing setup
  • Use occasionally-needed tools without having to make any separate purchases


How does Token Licensing work?

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Example Simcenter Modules you'll have Access to using Tokens

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modal image


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modal image

Structural Analysis

modal image

Motion Analysis

modal image

Materials Analysis

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modal image


modal image


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modal image

Safety Analysis

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Composites Analysis

Siemens Simcenter Token Licensing: FAQ's

Are Tokens available for Simulation and Manufacturing Licensing too?


Token licensing is available for Simcenter 3D and NX CAM also to give you maximum flexibility across the end-to-end Siemens software range.

Token Licensing is held in silos. Tokens purchased for NX Design cannot be used to activate Simcenter 3D licensing, these must be activated separately.

The benefit of siloed license pools include; greater license access to specific tools in each pool, more accurate purchasing of the specialism you require & managing licensing is easy and straightforward.



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Can Token Licensing work for SMB's & OEM's?

Yes. Value based licensing works very well in a range of businesses, whether SMB’s or larger OEM’s.

All users start with 100 Tokens and scale up. This will cater for smaller engineering teams of 2-3 users, all the way up to 100+ Engineering teams. Tokens can be scaled with ease.

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Do Simulation Modules ever change?

The 85+ token pool will grow overtime. Regular additions to the token pool will be made as new modules become available giving you access to new functionality without extra cost and making it easier to justify upgrade between versions. This eliminates the cost barriers to implementing new functionality.

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Is it easy to adopt and use Token Licensing?

Yes. View the 4 steps above on this page for more details.

In essence, once you have purchased a Token Value Pack (minimum of 100 Tokens) to start with, alongside a base seat of Simcenter, you are able to access and select from the token pool licenses shown above. You can check in and out of licenses and use up to your maximum token limit.

Need more software license tools? Simply purchase more tokens and you can increase your limit and bandwidth to check into more software licenses.

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Can Simcenter Tokens be used alongside Solidworks, Inventor, CREO, CATIA or other CAD?


The Simcenter Token license pool can be kept separate from whichever other CAD platforms you may already use. Simcenter Tokens give you access to simulation engineering software tools that are advanced and powerful so if you need specific tools for projects or day-to-day use, then token licensing is a flexible and easy option to use that will compliment your current product development process.

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