Virtual Commissioning: Removing the need for costly physical prototypes

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How does Virtual Commissioning work?

During the development of a machine, there are many risks that can jeopardise the ability to introduce the machine into production on schedule. Virtual commissioning makes it possible to conduct machine commissioning tests early in the design and development phase. What-if scenarios can be tested with no risks involved, the engineering error quota gets reduced, and the security validated – before the real machine even exists. By using Virtual Commissioning, total time required for commissioning an actual machine can be substantially reduced, removing the need for physical prototypes and significantly reducing the time-to-market for production machines.

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siemens virtual commissioning digital twin software

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Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD), the software module behind Virtual Commissioning, brings teams together by facilitating the integration of engineering departments, including requirements management, concept design, mechanical design, electrical design and software/automation engineering. With this feature, you can:

  • Get to market faster by reducing Machine development time up to 30%
  • Rapidly evaluate machine concepts in a virtual environment
  • Enhance collaboration among mechanical, electrical and automation designers
  • Build fewer physical prototypes

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siemens virtual commissioning digital twin software

TrakRap: Virtual Commissioning Video Case Study

A small company with a big vision is behind a revolutionary packaging system that is reducing the consumption of energy and material by food producers in the UK. With its cold wrapping technology, TrakRap has not only taken heat and waste out of the packaging line; it is working with Siemens to provide its customers with all the benefits of manufacturing digitalisation.

TrakRap CEO Martin Leeming commented “Our digital twin has been really useful in developing the first machine that we’re now building. We know this machine works in a way that is going to deliver exactly what we want.” In addition to the manufacturing predictability that TrakRap has gained, time to market has been reduced by 40% and development costs cut by 30% because the physical prototype stage has been eliminated.

More critically, a new precedent has been set. “We now think of our machine not so much as a physical entity but as a flexible software platform that can adapt to different types of environment, product and set up, enabling us to predict quality, throughput and timescales,” says Leeming.

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siemens virtual commissioning digital twin software

Digital Enterprise Suite for Machine Builders

Digitalization is transforming all areas of life as well as existing business models. It is enabling the manufacturing industry to implement its product ideas by taking advantage of technology trends such as generative design and intelligent models. Production has become more innovative through additive manufacturing and advanced robotics, and new service models are being developed with the use of cloud solutions and knowledge automation. Make the most of your journey toward digitalization and Industry 4.0 today to ensure your competitive edge, with scalable solutions from Siemens. Now is the right time to begin: Become a digital enterprise and stay ahead of your competition.

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siemens virtual commissioning digital twin software

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