NX CAM Post Processors

At OnePLM we offer bespoke professional CAM Post Processor services. Post processors need to be written specifically to suit individual machine tools and specific workflow requirements.

NX post processors provide the ultimate in customisation capability compared to those supported by other CAM systems and we can tailor them to incorporate any individual requirement, providing post processors for all types of CNC machine tools, CSE, multi-axis machining, milling and complex mill-turns.

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NX CAM Post Processors at OnePLM

Output Machine-Ready NC Programs

NX includes its own postprocessor system, which is tightly connected to the core CAM system.

You can easily generate the required NC code for almost any type of machine tool and controller configuration. The online postprocessor library provides a variety of posts that support a wide range of machine tools.

NX CAM also includes Post Configurator that enables you to easily create and adjust postprocessors for many machine-controller configurations. Using its graphical user interface, you can quickly specify parameters for the required NC codes.

For Sinumerik controllers, NX CAM provides an optimized postprocessor that automatically selects key controller settings based on machining operation data.

You can output complete shop documentation, including the optimized NC program, tooling list and setup sheet to drive efficient production.

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NX_CAM_Post_Processing Siemens software CAM Manufacturing Post processors

Validate Machining Processes

A key NX CAM advantage facilitates integrated simulation and verification, enabling you to validate tool paths within the NC programming session.

Multiple levels of capability are available. For example, material removal verification enables you to check and optimize the machining operations as you program.

The G-code-driven machine tool simulation displays the motion driven from the NC code output of the NX internal postprocessor. A 3D model of the machine – with the part, fixtures and tooling – moves in the way the machine tool will move as the G-code is processed.

For advanced machine tools, support kits provide a complete solution that includes:

  • Proven postprocessor
  • 3D digital model of the machine tool
  • Example parts, templates and documentation
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