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Transform your ALM processes with Siemens Polarion

Siemens Polarion is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system that allows you to collaborate across teams and with external stakeholders. Siemens Polarion’s foundation is made up of collaboration, traceability and workflow, and includes various modules to deliver a cohesive ALM system. As a result, you are able to produce more intricate programs, make informed decisions, reduce risk of failure and reduce time to market. Connecting everyone to live data ensures that decisions are made quickly and mitigate risk of error from miscommunication.

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Complete the quiz to find out whether your business will benefit from switching to Siemens Polarion.

What Our Clients Say

Product Features

Polarion X

Siemens Polarion X offers a cloud-based deployment of Polarion ALM. The software offers the same functional usability, with granular permission controls and robust workflow automation that gives you total control over what users can access and edit. Activate your free Polarion X trial now!

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Core Functionality

Siemens Polarion has a range of powerful capabilities that aim to enhance your business processes. The main functionality includes requirement management, testing, change management and project management.

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Requirements Management

Effectively gather, author, approve and manage requirements for complex systems across entire project lifecycles. Users can easily and instantly search and interact with work items and tasks. It’s also seamlessly integrated with CAD, enabling you to work directly with your parts and assemblies while simultaneously managing the project requirements.

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Live Reports & Project Status

Siemens Polarion offers the capabilities to create a live page, utilise report widgets, export reports and view traceability tables. These reports can effectively communicate the various targets and KPIs of all teams across the business.

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Change & Configuration Management

Manage change easily with the open and flexible system. Ensure changes can be viewed instantly across the business to maintain communication flow and optimise production efficiency.

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Test & Quality Management

To minimise or eliminate defects, quality assurance teams must make sure that every relevant requirement is covered by a test case. The software provides testers with access to the requirements related to their tasks and to the authors in case of questions.

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Issue & Risk Management

Ensure risks and issues are identified and mitigated using the open and flexible software. Tasks are assigned and viewed by the wider team to allow you to stay on target and reduce the likelihood of costly errors.

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Planning Management

All data and requirements are held within the Siemens Polarion software environment to ensure you are able to plan and execute your project effectively and efficiently.

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Agile/Hybrid Management

Adopt modern agile techniques at once – or incrementally – with out of the box project templates that can be adjusted to your needs. Iterative planning with team velocity management to set predictions on empirical data

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Tracked Build & Release

Setup the continuous delivery and iterative development to release frequently without compromising the consistency, integrity and regulatory compliance.

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Polarion ALM & Teamcenter PLM Integration

Combine the powerful capabilities of both Siemens Polarion and Teamcenter PLM to enable you to drive innovation throughout your business.

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Doors > Polarion Migration

Seamlessly transfer from Doors to Siemens Polarion ALM with the support of our experienced team here at OnePLM.

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