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Siemens Teamcenter is a secure, versatile PLM system that combines people and processes using various silos to organise workflow. By connecting people from all over the company, you are able to work collaboratively on projects and access the PLM software wherever you go through full integration into widely used programs which people use every day. Siemens Teamcenter PLM adjusts to any business changes and amendments throughout the product development cycle. It is proven to increase product development by 25%, reduces the amount of time spent searching for information by up to 65% and improves change processes by 30%.

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Take the quiz to find out whether your business will benefit from Siemens Teamcenter PLM.

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Product Features

Teamcenter X

Siemens Teamcenter X is a powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud delivery of product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Start taking control of your designs, documents and processes today.

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Teamcenter Rapid Start

Teamcenter Rapid Start is a powerful PDM system that combines all of your current business systems into a seamless software that optimises your time and processes. The software can increase product development by 25%, decrease time spent searching for information by up to 65% and refine change processes by up to 60%.

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Project Management

Siemens Teamcenter PLM software delivers program and project management solutions within your product lifecycle management (PLM) environment. You can manage your projects in one place and with one system, no matter how simple or complex they are.

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Requirements management

Siemens Teamcenter software’s requirements management capabilities provide your enterprise with a systematic and repeatable solution for defining, capturing, engineering, managing and leveraging product requirements.

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Process and Task Management

Teamcenter software from Siemens PLM Software delivers capabilities that make simple and complex processes easier to plan, manage and execute.

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Issue Management

Siemens Teamcenter software solution for Issue Management and Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) provides an enterprise-wide solution for capturing various forms of complaints, defects and non-conformances providing a formal process to systematically investigate, analyse and resolve these issues while streamlining the definition of measures to prevent future reoccurrences and reporting the results in a simple, intuitive user experience.

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Change Management

Change management originated in document control procedures. Engineering departments owned all the drawings that defined a product and everything related to them. They managed and executed change. Today, the scope of change management is broader and much more complex.

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ETO Management

By using Rulestream to capture ETO process knowledge and rapidly engineer new products, even at the point of sale, companies have proven that they can increase sales win rates while shortening lead times and reducing overall costs.

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CTO Management

Siemens Teamcenter software enables you to create a generic product structure that you can use to manage all of the configurations that apply to a product platform – including definitions for the product families, variants and options that facilitate an affordable approach to mass customization.

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Document Management

Siemens Teamcenter software provides powerful document management capabilities that operate within the product lifecycle management (PLM) environment, enabling you to use documents to support product information and processes.

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BOM Management

Siemens Teamcenter software’s as-built functionality for bill of materials management establishes the official build record of a physical product as assembled, enabling you to support
product verification, document deviations, warranty claims and environmental compliance.

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Multi -MCAD and -ECAD Management

Teamcenter software’s suite of design data management and simulation management solutions enables you to establish a collaborative environment for developing products comprised of mechanical, electronic, software and control (electrical interconnect) technologies.

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Multi-CAE Management

Siemens Teamcenter software for simulation process management is specifically developed for engineers and CAE analysts. You can use Teamcenter to manage all your simulation
processes, data, tools and workflows in context with other product data that you are already managing.

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Multi-CAM Management

If you are using MRL in a fully managed Siemens Teamcenter PLM software environment, you can search for tooling, fixtures, machines and templates in NX CAM as well as in the Teamcenter Part Planner application.

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Software Management

Polarion Connector for Teamcenter is an integrated ALMPLM solution that effectively merges the advanced software application development capabilities of Polarion ALM
with the leading product lifecycle management capabilities of the Teamcenter portfolio of applications.

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Supplier Management

As your company creates more complex, quality products, it is critical that you have a complete view of your product, including information related to your supplied parts.

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Product Cost Management

For manufacturing companies, the most important consideration after product innovation and quality is how costs will affect their ability to compete in the global marketplace. Developing detailed cost knowledge and maximum transparency across the entire value chain is indispensable for achieving excellent product cost management.

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Security Management

Teamcenter Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an integrated solution that is used to automatically encrypt files before they can be shared with employees, suppliers and partners.

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