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A free version of the same easy-to-use software suite used by professionals

NX CAM Student Edition software offers a range of functions to get you industry ready, completely free. Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) tools include 2 to 5 axis milling and CNC machine technology to help you gain experience with industry practices. The software is integrated specifically for design, NC programming and additive manufacturing.

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Siemens NX CAM Student Edition Software Free Download

How do companies use NX Design?

NX CAM allows companies to program any task using one system through powerful NC programming features. These features connect planning and shop floor operations with a digital thread through 3D models, data and processes. Advanced tools include the ability to quickly program parts with complex geometry using the shortest possible tools. This feature saves time and reduces risk of error. Mold, die and electrode machining allow the company to produce a high-quality finish product and simultaneously decrease time to market. Postprocessors are embedded into the CAM software, giving them the opportunity to effectively generate NC programs for a number of machine tools and controls. Validate the manufacturing processes through the creation of a digital twin and analysing simulation to ensure optimal performance.

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Siemens NX CAM Student Edition Software Free Download

Stand out from the competition

It is important now more than ever to be able to stand out from the competition when applying for jobs and graduate schemes after university. You would have spent the last few years gaining a wide range of knowledge that you are now eager to put into practice. Being able to show your future employer that you have taken initiative and gained real on-hand experience with the most powerful and widely used CAD and CAM software in the industry will give you confidence when applying and at interviews.

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Siemens NX CAM Student Edition Software Free Download

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