PLM for Machinery & Equipment Industry Webinar

14 Dec 2022 | 14:00 - 14:45

The machinery & equipment sector is growing and changing fast. Complexity of product design grows every week. If designs are not organized (or in a system that isn't versatile enough to use to store, access, edit, view & manage data), problems arise, especially when regulations and compliance need to be met. This webinar is focused on the Machinery & equipment sector and will explore the latest PLM tools, and key considerations you must see before 2023.

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What is this event about?

Explore the latest PLM Technology advancements in the Machinery & Equipment sector

Machinery & equipment is more complex than ever. In an increasingly competitive market, companies must ensure innovation and manage complexity.

This year and next, there has been and will be many advancements in the Machinery sector. Everything from new Machinery designs released into the marketplace to revolutionize the sector as we know it, updates in automation, advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing, design of large assemblies, and the use of upfront digital validation to transform your 3D designs into real world machines, ensuring the finished product has no errors and works right first time.

What does this mean? More data, more projects and more of a need to manage this increase in complexity than ever before. How do you do this, ensuring key users in the business are connected at all times, with 100% data security, optimized project practices and full management of changes, BOM’s and more? With a PLM system.

This webinar will focus on PLM in the Machinery sector (for machine builders and the entire supply chain within the sector), showing you all the considerations you need to make to ensure your go-to-market plans are valid. A must see data management webinar for this industry.

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Who is it for?

This webinar is for; All Engineers, Managers, Technical Directors and anyone who has an interest in product output & engineering.

Engineering Industrial Machinery Webinar


What we'll cover in the Webinar

The latest PLM tools in the Machinery sector

Best In Class PLM Tools for businesses in the Machinery sector supply chain

PDM/PLM considerations you MUST see before 2023

Program and Projects management tools

How to integrate design within data management

Product structure management tools

Change management tools

How PLM specifically helps machinery related businesses succeed


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