Engineering Design & PLM Forum Live Webinar

15 Dec 2022 | 14:00 - 15:00

As customer and market demands grow rapidly, its key that businesses in the design and manufacturing sector stay competitive. But how do you stay ahead? This webinar focuses on the latest Design & Manufacturing CAD and PDM/PLM tools & features and how businesses can use the latest tools to accelerate their output & product quality, time to market & project costs and scale their operations as they see fit with no hold ups. Register here.

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What is this event about?

Explore the latest 3D Design & PLM advancements at the Engineering Design & PLM Forum Live Webinar

This year there has already been, and will be many advancements in Engineering. More specifically, in Engineering 3D Design and Data Management. Everything from new design features that can speed up product modelling time by 5X, to PDM/PLM tools that can seamlessly manage, access and work with all Engineering data files like never before.

This event will showcase and explore how Engineers can overcome, eliminate & explore ways around common Engineering Design & PDM/PLM issues that millions of people have been impacted by daily, for years, including:

Lack of cohesion & control between design and data management
Software delays and system freezes
Lack of advanced tools available for design, simulation and manufacturing
Lack of versatile methods to manage your licensing ie. wanting perpetual options
Unclear CAD & PDM/PLM pathway with systems in place that just don’t seem to work as intended

We will also have Global director guest speakers discussing updates in design & manufacturing, the first 50 registrations will receive an exclusive invite to an Engineering review & strategy workshop that we’ll be holding in the new year where you can learn more about how to optimise your own Product Development process.

This event is open to ALL UK Engineering companies. 


Who is it for?

This webinar is for; All Engineers, Managers, Technical Directors, owners/founders, C-Level Executives and anyone who has an interest or input in product engineering.

Engineering Symposium Webinar


What we'll cover in the Webinar

Best In Class Design & PDM/PLM Practices

The Latest 3D Design Tools

Advanced CAD CAM tools

Flexible licensing options for Design tools

How to make PLM a strength, not a weakness

Synchronous Technology to achieve design 30% faster

How to scale your business cost effectively using Engineering software

Global director discusses key need to know's in Design & Manufacturing sector

Growing your Engineering Output & Productivity


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