Reverse Engineering

3D Optical Measurement

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Physical Digital Ltd – enabling our clients to optimise their workflows between 3D scan data and our product portfolio.

Using the industry leading GOM ATOS system, Physical Digital produce high accuracy manufacturing data to facilitate computer aided design and evaluation. This technology gives them the ability to scan objects of almost any size – gathering repeatable, high quality data sets across many industry sectors: Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Alternative Energy, Oil and Gas, Composite and Medical.

Reverse Engineering Solution

Physical Digital use NX supported by OnePLM, to offer design and reverse engineering solutions across many sectors including the aerospace and turbine industry. The advanced surfacing capabilities within NX enables quick modelling of complex geometry, which can be easily prepared using Femap for use in CAE packages such as FloEFD.

Design optimisations of legacy components can be made based on information gathered in the FEA process, and changes to materials can be quickly evaluated leading to a reduction in development time. Tooling for the production of these components can then be created in line with the product.

Scan data can be used as a ‘design space’ to enable retrofitted components to be modelled using NX or Solid Edge to offer a fast route for conceptual design.

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Key Benefits

The ability to accurately gather physical data provides huge advantages in product development and lifelike renders can be created using KeyShot to enable designs to be quickly evaluated and components modified.

The ability to capture high quality accurate scan data closes the loop from concept through design and evaluation (CFD FEA) into production, and then quality inspection of the final part back to the CAD.

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