Engineering Resource

OnePLM in Placements

We work with many educational providers to give young people the skills and attributes demanded by the engineering sector. This endlessly valuable resource of highly-skilled young talent then requires carefully considered placement in the correct areas. We aim to bridge this gap for employers and potential employees alike.

Whether you’re an established company or a new start-up, we’d like to guess you’re probably experiencing a problem finding great engineers. At OnePLM, our experience of working with numerous customers gives us an understanding of the need for new engineering blood; we are working to replace the inefficient recruitment methods that currently exist.

We provide links between Education, Partnerships and Placements. We aim to address the shortage in a CAD, CAE and CAM literate pool of talent to recruit from.

Graduate Talent Attraction

Whether you work in a niche area or your current attraction technique isn’t working, we can help. We have great relationships with top-tier Universities, giving us the necessary connections to assist you in the best and most effective way of attracting high calibre graduates.

Skills Testing

Remember the time you hired an individual only to find out the hard way that their skills weren’t of the standard they originally claimed? It’s one thing having it detailed on a C.V., but how are you supposed to know whether this matches the candidate’s actual experience and software competence? We have online assessments, tailored to your requirements, that avoid this problem and ensures the person you hire has a satisfactory skill level for the job.


When our customers recruit new staff they – in the majority of cases – have to send them on a training course immediately. So why not utilise our training facility to make sure they are fully competent before they start?

A Full Suite of Recruitment

Whether it’s a permanent replacement, building upon your growing team or taking on a contractor to get a project completed we can assist you in your search.

Experienced Hire

While we can use our educational customers as an effective resource for graduate talent we also have great links to the industry as a whole – this means we can effectively source that hard to find, niche skillset you’ve been working so hard to find.


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