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We are the only value added reseller (VAR) that actively supports all types of educational providers with Siemens PLM software. Whether you’re a secondary school, specialist UTC College or University we want to give the future generation of engineers a head start in the use of technical design software.

We will support, train and educate teachers and lecturers in the latest computer-aided design developments within the Siemens PLM portfolio including Solid Edge, NX, Teamcenter and Tecnomatix.

The best bit? We then create the link from education to employment by using our industry knowledge and business relationships to organise networking events, seminars and expose young people to the requirements of the engineering industry.

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Whether it’s Teachers or Lecturers we can provide end-to-end training on your package of choice.  Essentially, this means that when you start your new academic year you’re fully prepared and as confident as a seasoned professional.

Curriculum Design & Implementation

Working with some of our best educational clients Siemens PLM and Majenta LNx have adapted some existing curriculum (as well as creating newly designed) to highlight the advantages of using Siemen’s industry leading software. In tandem with you, we seek to develop rigorous pedagogy that will enhance the engineering profile of all involved.


Our tailored seminars can be delivered to a variety of student numbers (from 5 to 500) in order to advise on the next steps after education – whether that be searching and applying for their dream job or continuing in further education.  The content is designed and delivered by our consultants who have first-hand experience in the engineering industry.

Networking Events

A simple, but powerful, idea of ours is to ‘invest in local’. We invite all the local relevant businesses in and get them communicating with your students. If the logistics are daunting and time a scare resource, don’t worry because we take on the task of organising it all. This allows you time to observe, interact and get the most out of such an event.


Often a by-product of the networking events. After meeting all these incredible students, local companies are interested in offering placements or even full-time positions. Companies often remark at how impressed they are by the competency and skill of the students. Our placement team will make sure this happens efficiently and fairly.

Educational Resources

Case Studies

Ulster University

Ulster University uses Solid Edge as a platform to support the development of students and the growth of local businesses. Read more on how we give technical support to Ulster University by clicking the button below.

lnx education

University of Bath

One of the UK’s leading universities uses advanced PLM technology to provide real-world engineering design experience to its students. We supply and support the 1,000 students enrolled with Solid Edge. Find out more by clicking the button below.

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