Accurately predict product performance

Simcenter 3D includes powerful simulation solutions for multiple disciplines, including structural and acoustics, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), flow, thermal, motion and composites analyses, as well as optimization and multiphysics simulation.

With 1D/3D co-simulation and hybrid test/simulation modeling capabilities, Simcenter 3D delivers more simulation realism than ever before.

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SImulation Main

Accelerate your simulation process

Synchronous technology in Simcenter 3D helps you reduce the time spent on model abstraction and geometry editing. Meshes, loads, and boundary conditions are all associated with the base design. So when the design topology changes, you can rapidly update your simulation results. The solvers and analysis tools provide all the accuracy and speed you need for timely simulation-driven insights.

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Enhance your team’s flexibility and throughput

Simcenter 3D is open to multiple CAD formats and supports your preferred solver leveraging existing investments and processes. The software makes your process effective and flexible by offering you a uniform user experience across disciplines, capturing knowledge and providing features for customization and automation. And it includes industry and engineering expertise embedded in vertical solutions.

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A complete pre- and postprocessing environment

Simcenter 3D helps you effectively build the simulation model you need from your 3D geometry. It includes unrivaled geometry manipulation tools that can handle CAD data from any source, as well as dedicated meshing and modelling for multiple applications.

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High-end solutions for dedicated applications

Simcenter 3D includes solvers that dive deep into the physics. Every application specialist will find state-of-the-art technology that exactly fits the problem – static or dynamic, linear or nonlinear, composite or other, for mechanics, acoustics, thermal, flow and many other analyses

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Multidiscipline simulation and optimization

Simcenter 3D combines all CAE solutions in one integrated platform, and takes advantage of industry-standard solvers for a full range of applications. This integration enables you to implement a streamlined multiphysical development process. You can let simulation drive the design by constantly optimizing multiple performance attributes simultaneously.

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Intelligent, complete models for complex products

Simcenter 3D allows you to effectively and accurately simulate your entire complex product. It includes efficient assembly modeling tools, co-simulation with controls, solvers that have the required performance for large problems, and data management functionality specifically designed for the CAE analyst.

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