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    Advanced Sew NX

    Advanced sew feature including feedback on the output body type and advanced options to extract failed edges.

    • Output body type feedback
    • Persistent sew failure area feedback
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    Inspection Report NX

    The NX inspection Report app has been developed to save time and reduce mistakes when manually entering dimensional information in an inspection report.

    It will automatically recognise dimensions, notes, surface finish symbols and GD&T and display the relevant dimensional and tolerance information in excel.

    • Auto ballooning of inspection dimensions
    • Auto numbering of multi sheet inspection balloons
    • Automatic transfer of dimensional data to an excel template
    • Handles; Dimensions, Notes, Surface finish symbols & GD&T
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    Re-Position Geometry NX

    The Re-Position Geometry app takes geometry on the current work layer and re-positions it to a stock block in the template file. 
    It resizes the stock block feature and gives feedback to the user if the stock block has exceeded maximum dimensions.

    • Re-positions geometry in the NX part file to centre it to the stock block
    • Re-sizes the stock block to suit the geometry
    • Feeds back to the user if the stock block has exceeded maximum dimensions
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    Reference Set Manager NX

    Reference set Manager adds functionality to the standard reference set tool. 
    It allows creating, deleting and re-ordering of reference sets into a single function.

    • Re-ordering of reference sets
    • Multi deletion of reference sets
    • Makes all objects of a reference set visible while editing
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    Session Manager NX

    Session Manager provides an overview of all of the parts that you have loaded in your current NX session and displays their read, write and modified status.

    A preview of each part helps identify which part has been selected further helping you understand the parts in your session.  Session Manager also provides a single place to save, close or re-open individual parts or parts based on a selection filter such as modified status.

    • Provides an overview of the parts in your session
    • Display and select NX session parts by modified or read-only status
    • Easily save, close or reopen parts by selection or modified status
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    Tidy Layers NX

    Tidy Layers is a utility that helps with layer management in NX part files.

    You can use it to tidy objects to layers during your modelling phase or at the end of your modelling process. Automatically moves the following objects to respective layer categories:

    • Points
    • Curves
    • Sketches
    • Datum’s
    • Sheets
    • Solids
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