Electronics and semiconductor companies need pre-configured software solutions based on industry best practices to achieve excellence in new product development and introduction (NPDI). By shortening innovation and development cycles, enabling collaboration across and through supply chains and creating a closed loop, intelligent and integrated manufacturing environment, our electronics and semiconductor Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions allow companies to leverage data across multiple domains, improving quality and profitability while reducing time-to-market and costs.

Multi-Discipline Data Management

Today’s electronic devices are a synthesis of multiple designs—mechanical, electrical, electronics, embedded software and application software. In addition, because of rapid development, many hardware features remain unexplored and undermanaged resulting in sub-optimal integration between hardware and software. The disadvantages of operating in different single-discipline platforms and the increasing role of global suppliers in early stages of design are driving engineering organisations to invest in multi-domain integration strategies to ensure the system works flawlessly.

Electronics & Semiconductors Industry Siemens Software

Increasing pressures for Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies have to deal with increasing pressure from competitors, increasing cuts to profitability and the need to deliver on time. EMS customers require the highest levels of performance, quality and reliability, and new products must also pass thorough quality checks to avoid expensive recalls. Engineering teams must solve significant design challenges within a distributed design partner supply chain.

Electronics & Semiconductors Industry Siemens Software

Competitive advantages through improved product availability

The emergence of new competitors offering functionality-rich products at low cost, combined with increasing demand for innovation and differentiation, drives an unprecedented high rate of product introduction in the electronics and semiconductor market. The change in the customer usage model to relying on a platform that requires constant software updates adds to the challenge of keeping a competitive advantage through improved product availability and performance.


Device connectivity & data analytics for product development

To succeed in this highly competitive environment and overcome the increasing risk of having defective electronics and semiconductor devices reach customers – which in turn increases warranty, repair and recall costs – manufacturers need to take advantage of the growing availability of device connectivity, and to apply data analytics into the overall product and application design and development process.

Electronics & Semiconductors Industry Siemens Software

Meeting changes in consumer demands

Time to market for new products is shortening day by day. Electronics customers require the highest levels of performance, quality, and reliability, and each new product must also pass through quality checks to avoid recalls. Engineering teams must solve significant design challenges within a distributed design partner supply chain. Electro-mechanical design teams are under great pressure to meet these demands with high-quality products that get to market faster. Leveraging a Digital Innovation Platform can be a significant contributor.

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