Digitalization of the Electronics & Semiconductors Industry

Electronics and semiconductor companies need pre-configured software solutions based on industry best practices to achieve excellence in new product development and introduction (NPDI). Our electronics and semiconductor Digital Enterprise Industry Solutions allow companies to leverage data across multiple domains, improving quality and profitability while reducing time-to-market and costs.

We understand electro-mechanical design’s challenging service entry requirements. In response, we offer the best-in-class design solution enabling consumer and industrial electronics companies to get the right products to market faster and exceed customer expectations.

Semiconductor Equipment Design

Time-to-market for new semiconductor equipment products is shortening daily. Customers require the highest levels of performance, quality and reliability, and each new product must also pass thorough quality checks to avoid recalls.

IoT & Lifecycle Analytics

Leverage the Internet of Things to integrate performance and usage information from consumer and industrial electronic devices in the field into the overall product development and introduction process to provide actionable data needed to improve product availability and performance.

Technical Publications

Bring your document development and management processes into your PLM environment, keeping technical publications up-to-date with product changes and directly using engineering source data.

Product Cost Management

To help you develop accurate and repeatable costing models that take into account multiple costing factors from materials, tooling, manufacturing processes and the value chain, OnePLM offers an integrated product cost management solution that combines the power of the world’s leading Digital Enterprise Platform with sophisticated product cost management tools all in one system.

Other Industries we specialise in

Here at OnePLM, we have built a reputation in successfully delivering Siemens software solutions, technical consultancy and support services to a wide variety of businesses across different industry sectors.

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