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How can Simcenter FLOEFD improve Engineering productivity?

How can Simcenter FLOEFD improve Engineering productivity?

The global competitive landscape for manufacturing is squeezing everyone – from the Tier 1 automotive companies to electronics goods manufacturers. It is shortening the required time to market and with little warning. This high-pressure environment requires high productivity from its players resulting in either doing things faster and leaner without compromising quality or giving the game away to a hungrier competitor who is willing to do whatever it takes.

So what part does Simcenter FLOEFD play in this?
Siemens FloEFD Free Trial Download For NX and Solid Edge Siemens FloEFD Free Trial Download For NX and Solid Edge

Simcenter FLOEFD, advanced CFD analysis software that puts simulation in the design cycle directly in NX CAD, Creo, CATIA or Solid Edge, provides the tools to analyse and fully understand the behaviour of products involving fluid. The Siemens software streamlines the product develop process by allowing engineers to find the optimal design and functionality. As a result, organisations are making large savings on both time and expenses. You are able to gain insight into the temperature variations and flow dynamics by analysing multi-parametric studies and utilising the intelligent algorithms.

Striving for better productivity is a goal for organisations across the globe. Many of them are sticking to the same process in the hope for a different outcome, this will not work. By analysing designs early on in the product development process, organisations are able to improve productivity, but interestingly many mention that failed prototypes can also be costly in both money and time. Organisations have reported that failed prototyping has lead to missing important milestones, additional rounds of prototype testing and working late or on weekends, so what’s the best solution?

This e-book offers a detailed insight into Simcenter FLOEFD and tips on how you can improve productivity to help eliminate these timely issues.

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