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FloEFD for Solid Edge Factsheet

Facilitating rapid and accurate fluid flow and heat transfer analysis in Solid Edge

FloEFD™ is the only computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tool for fluid flow and heat transfer that is fully embedded in Solid Edge® software, and it is a premier frontloading CFD simulation tool. Frontloading refers to the practice of moving CFD simulation to a point that is early in the design workflow when it can help engineers examine and evaluate design options, dismiss less desirable options and improve productivity.

FloEFD has intelligent technology at its core to help make CFD easier, faster and more accurate. Its intuitive user interface (UI) makes FloEFD extremely easy to use. Its unique SmartCells™ technology allows use of a coarse mesh without sacrificing accuracy, and its robust mesher can easily capture arbitrary and complex geometry. As a result, the meshing process can be completely automated and requires less manual user input.

FloEFD is fast and powerful. It takes advantage of synchronous technology and uses native geometry. Users don’t lose time transferring, modifying or cleaning a model, or generating extra geometry to represent the fluid domain. As soon as the model has been created it can be prepared for analysis. For effective design space exploration, users can simply create variants of their concept and analyze them immediately in Solid Edge.

FloEFD is extensible with the aid of optional modules for advanced analyses, including a special module for electronics cooling applications.

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