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Fibersim Brochure

Fibersim Brochure

Composite designs are developed from vast amounts of unstructured information including specifications, standards, attributes and requirements. It is essential that every single composite part accurately reflects this information in an iterative design-to-manufacturing process. This process is often time consuming and complex and often not automated or well supported. With growing demand for innovative, lightweight and cheaper composites delivered to market fast, the industry is in need of software that reduces complexity to make way for innovation. Fibersim from Siemens Digital Industries Software provides a specialised solution for developing high quality composite products efficiently and profitably.

In order for engineers to work effectively, they need access to software that can work as fast as they think with a range of parameters including material type, fibre orientation, stack-up order, balance, symmetry, drop-offs, splices and darts. Fibersim offers an intelligent design-to-manufacture composite product development solution that is fully integrated into commercial 3D CAD system. By utilising Fibersim, you are able to complete all projects on time and to budget, ensuring you have the bandwidth to focus on innovation and product development.

This brochure offers a detailed breakdown of Fibersim and how the software can support the entire composite development process from engineering kickoff to delivery.

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