August 6th, 2017
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Do you need to conceive, track and test new software?

Polarion is right up there with Teamcenter for its ability to conceive a product, track that a set of development tasks are being achieved and then test output. Majenta PLM develops customised software for customers all the time so there was a very strong business case to adopt Polarion internally.

Members of the development team at Majenta PLM use Polarion to convert user requests, which can be complex and interrelated, into project code and then add time estimates and denote individual responsibilities according to skill level. Graphical information from Polarion allows senior managers to monitor progress at user level without the need to go into detailed functionality. Polarion also generates attractively formatted hard copy reports.


A bespoke, intuitive solution

Because Polarion is a platform built to address particular issues, Majenta PLM will configure it to solve specific problems. Sometimes there is an extraordinarily complex hierarchy, extending for example to eight levels and usually the biggest issue is how to guide users to do the right thing. One of the early priorities is therefore to define processes, then customise Polarion to suit a customer’s users, creating templates that they can easily run with.

Polarion fully embraces the whole Agile philosophy and it takes ‘user stories’ such as the requirement for a chat button that leads to a window and turns them into functionality in terms that a developer would use.

If any aspect of a software product fails a test, a new task for someone is automatically created and the process begins again until testing confirms acceptance and completion.

Polarion is also the perfect tool to prove compliance. It can, for example, demonstrate the safety measures in place when a car reaches its top speed.


A tool that underpins all contract negotiations

There is huge potential for Polarion to deliver real value to companies as they respond to tender requests and put together bids. Any realistic quotation needs a detailed specification for capturing requirements, because companies are understandably reluctant to spend too much upfront before they have won a contract; yet if they do not really understand needs they are unlikely to win a customer’s trust and business.

With Polarion in place, companies will be able to give a reasonable estimate for the process of capturing requirements and defining a specification. When they are asked to proceed, they can undertake the work, then allow a prospective customer to log in and view the results. As a safeguard, Polarion can prevent customers extracting any of the data.