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Webinar: Virtual Commissioning with NX MCD, SIMIT and PLCSIM Advanced

During the development of a machine, there are many risks that can jeopardise the ability to introduce the machine into production on schedule. Virtual commissioning makes it possible to conduct machine commissioning tests early in the design and development phase. What-if scenarios can be tested with no risks involved, the engineering error quota gets reduced, and the security validated – before the real machine even exists. As technology advances and deadlines shorten, machine builders need to implement new methods to get their products to market faster. By using Virtual commissioning, total time required for commissioning an actual machine can be substantially reduced, removing the need for physical prototypes and significantly reducing the time-to-market for production machines.

Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD), the software module behind Virtual Commissioning, brings teams together by facilitating the integration of engineering departments, including requirements management, concept design, mechanical design, electrical design and software/automation engineering.

The advanced engineering tool is open and can be used with all major CAD platforms. With this feature, you can:digitalization virtual commissioning

– Get to market faster by reducing Machine development time up to 30%
– Rapidly evaluate machine concepts in a virtual environment
– Enhance collaboration among mechanical, electrical and automation designers
– Build fewer physical prototypes

We’ll also be delving into how SIMIT and PLCSIM Advanced are used alongside NX MCD in order to complete the process. The entire workflow is showcased within this comprehensive webinar that features demonstrations, brief presentations to help you understand exactly what the digital twin concept is and how you can benefit and leverage this software to maximise output, save time and considerably improve the customer experience through digitalisation.


– OnePLM Introduction
– What is a Digital Twin?
– Virtual Commissioning – Which Digital Twin should I use?
– Virtual Commissioning for Kinematic Machines – Why?
– Creating the Digital Twin for Kinematic Machines – What do I need?
– Technical Example
– Summary & OnePLM offering

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