Using Teamcenter

Course Type:
Duration: 3 Days
User Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Course Objective;

Using Teamcenter introduces the concept of product lifecycle management (PLM), provides instruction on working in the rich client interface, and the basics of using a suite of Teamcenter® software applications and perspectives. These perspectives include My Teamcenter, Structure Manager, Classification, embedded viewer, Change Manager, and Relation Browser.

To learn the basics of using Teamcenter and the most commonly used Teamcenter software perspectives.

  • To learn the basic concepts of product lifecycle management.
  • To use the rich client user interface to perform basic user tasks, such as creating and working with Teamcenter items and item revisions, and using various navigation methods to locate, view, and report on data.
  • To organize, manage, and secure product data.
  • To use Structure Manager to view, build and edit product structure.
  • To navigate the classification hierarchy and use standard product data in product structures.
  • To use the embedded viewers within Teamcenter to locate and view visualization data.
  • To assign tasks, perform tasks, and track the completion of tasks in a workflow process.
  • To create change objects and track a change object through the change process to completion.
  • To manage Teamcenter objects using Microsoft Office and live Excel.
  • To use the thin client to manage and navigate to various Teamcenter objects and functions.

Who's it for?

The primary audience for this course includes users who design, configure and release data using Teamcenter, such as designers, design engineers, configuration managers.

Course Agenda:

  1. Introduction to Teamcenter
  2. Working in My Teamcenter
  3. Working with items in Teamcenter
  4. Viewing and modifying object properties
  5. Creating and managing datasets
  6. Applying data security practices
  7. Performing and managing searches
  8. Working in projects
  9. Opening and viewing product structures
  10. Controlling assembly configuration views
  11. Creating and managing product structures
  12. Working with product structures
  13. Configuring a product structure with variants
  14. Navigating the relation hierarchy of an object
  15. Classifying and using standard data
  16. Viewing and working with visualisation files
  17. Initiating a workflow
  18. Managing workflow task assignments
  19. Managing Teamcenter data through Microsoft Office integration
  20. Using Change Manager
  21. Creating and managing change objects
  22. Elaborating and executing the change
  23. Working in the Teamcenter thin client



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