Teamcenter Visualisation – MockUp

Course Type:
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Oxford (OnePLM Site), Client Site, Remote (Online)
User Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Who's it for?

The course is for engineers, designers and others who need to view 3D models and 2D images, add mark-ups, perform analysis and communicate with others. Enable Digital Design Reviews for Validation, eliminate errors earlier, reduce physical prototypes, reduce risk to schedule and budget. Improve interoperability with suppliers and partners.

* One day course if previously attended Teamcenter Visualisation – Professional Course

Course Agenda:

  • Navigate around 3D models
  • Select parts and control part visibility
  • View assembly structure and part attributes
  • Modify part appearance
  • Move, rotate, and scale parts
  • Create visual reports Section 3D models
  • Mark up, measure, and compare 3D models
  • Play motion files and record movies
  • Capture 2D images of 3D models
  • Annotate, measure, and compare 2D images
  • Hide obscuring parts and clip areas from models
  • Group parts, align parts, and use filters
  • Generate part extraction paths
  • Check clearances
  • Constrain parts


Familiar with Windows commands

Contact: +44 (01865) 954300


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