Solid Edge Design Essentials

Course Type:
Duration: 4 Days
Location: Oxford (OnePLM Site), Client Site, Remote (Online)
User Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Dates & location

4 Dec 2023 | Online

Who's it for?

Essential training for NEW users to Solid Edge. Covers all of the basic concepts of Solid Edge from navigating the interface, different environments, profile creation, part modelling, assembly modelling, drawing creation and file management. The course covers both synchronous technology tools and traditional, history based, parametric design tools.

Course Agenda:


Exploring Solid Edge

Explore the Solid Edge interface and cover how to navigate the different environments. Also learn about the requirements of a feature-based modelling system and how to plan the design process.

Reference Planes, Profiles & Sketches

Sketches and profiles are the basis for the majority of material addition and removal features in Solid Edge, this module ensures you have the knowledge to create robust parametric profiles to ensure your features can be edited with ease.

Part Modelling

Learn how to create and manipulate part models using all the base and profile driven feature types. This includes all extent options and how open profiles in Solid Edge can simplify feature creation. Also cover the use of non-profile-based treatment features such as round, blend, chamfer, draft, as well as how to reuse geometry and features through the use of patterning and mirror commands.

Sheet Metal Design

You will cover all aspects of the product used for the creation of folded sheet metal parts. This includes all base features creation tools, as well as additional deformed type features.

Assembly Design

Learn how to build assemblies using intelligent relationships and mate conditions. Also learn how to manipulate assemblies as well as control their display through the use of display configurations, exploded views and more.

Drawing Creation

Learn how to construct 2D drawings from 3D parts, sheet metal parts and assemblies all view types are covered including section, broken section and details views. Then create fully detailed drawings using Solid Edge’s comprehensive dimension and annotation tools.

Revision Management

Cover the concepts of revision management using the built-in tools within Solid Edge.


No previous experience of Solid Edge. However, experience with a similar CAD system would be beneficial.

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