NX Laminate Composites

Course Type:
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Cranfield
User Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Course Objective;

The Laminate Composites course is a comprehensive presentation of the composite laminates tools integrated in NX Advanced Simulation. The course includes laminate simulation processes, draping, failure analysis, optimization, finite element model solution, pre and post-processing, as well as a review of the laminates theory.

The hands-on activities and case studies are presented using NX Laminate Composites and NX Advanced Simulation.

Who's it for?

Design engineers and Analysts.

Course Agenda:

  1. Overview of NX Laminate Composites
  2. Zone-based laminate process
  3. Ply-based laminate process
  4. Draping
  5. Materials and micro-mechanics
  6. Solution and post-processing
  7. Laminate theory
  8. Laminate failure
  9. Laminate dynamics analysis
  10. Laminate optimization

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