Siemens NX 5 Axis Training

Course Type:
Duration: 3 Days
User Level: Beginner to Advanced

Course Objective;

The Fixed-axis and Multi-axis Milling course is designed for NC/CNC programmers who machine simple or complex parts with fixed and variable tool capabilities. Students will learn how to create fixed and variable axis tool paths. You will also be introduced to NX workflows for machining contoured parts, high-speed machining methods, milling holes and threads, milling turbine blade type parts, and on machine probing.

Who's it for?

  • Manufacturing engineers
  • CAD/CAM managers
  • Multi-axis NC/CNC programmers
  • Users of 5-axis machines for milling complex prismatic and contour type parts are encouraged to attend

Course Agenda:

  • Overview
  • Plunge Milling
  • Z-Level Milling
  • High-speed Machining
  • Fixed-axis Contour Milling
  • Introduction to 4 and 5-axis Machining
  • 5-axis Z-Level
  • Sequential Mill basics
  • Sequential Mill advanced
  • Variable axis Contour Milling
  • Profiling walls with a variable tool axis
  • Non Cutting Moves
  • Wave Geometry Linker in Manufacturing
  • Turbomachinery Milling
  • Refixturing and the In Process Workpiece
  • Hole Milling and Thread Milling
  • Generic Motion and Probing operations

Contact: +44 (01865) 954300


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