Introduction to Teamcenter

Course Type:
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Oxford / Cranfield
User Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Course Objective;

The Introduction to Teamcenter course introduces the concept of product lifecycle management (PLM) and working in a collaborative environment to share product data. You will become familiar with the rich client user interface and learn the basics of using the Teamcenter® software. These software applications include My Teamcenter, embedded viewer, and Relation Browser.

To become familiar with the rich client user interface and learn the basics of using the Teamcenter software.

  • To learn the basic concepts of product lifecycle management.
  • To use the rich client user interface to perform basic user tasks.
  • To create and work with Teamcenter items and item revisions.
  • To organize, manage, and secure product data.
  • To use various navigation methods to locate, view, and report on product data.

Who's it for?

The primary audience for this course is the consumer.

Course Agenda:

  1. Introduction to Teamcenter
  2. Working in My Teamcenter
  3. Working with items in Temcenter
  4. Viewing and modifying object properties
  5. Creating and managing datasets
  6. Applying data security practices
  7. Performing and managing searches
  8. Navigating the relation hierarchy of an object



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