Application and Data Model Administration

Course Type:
Duration: 4 Days
User Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Course Objective;

The overall objective for this course is to extend the data model by creating business objects, classes, options, list of values, constants, and rules and to configure the application for use by creating business data and processes. You will also understand what administrative tasks are done using the Business Modeler IDE and Teamcenter rich client interfaces.

Data Model administration

  • To work with data model files and template projects.
  • To perform data model changes with live data model updates.
  • To configure the Business Modeler IDE and to execute the basic Business Modeler IDE process.
  • To create and work with business objects and classes.
  • To modify properties and attributes.
  • To create and attach a list of values (LOV) to a property.
  • To create and configure options.
  • To create rules for business objects.

Application administration

  • To create an organisation.
  • To configure access permissions and projects to control access.
  • To configure the working environment and manage preferences.
  • To create saved queries and report definitions.
  • To create and manage workflow process templates.
  • To create and work with PLM XML import and export.

Who's it for?

Prerequisites – Using Teamcenter course

Audience – Application and Data Model administrators, System administrators

Course Agenda:

  1. Business Modeller IDE process
  2. Business objects and properties
  3. Lists of values
  4. Options, constants, and rules
  5. Project templates
  6. Live updates
  7. Users, groups, and roles
  8. Preferences
  9. Organizations
  10. Data security
  11. Process templates

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