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The Digital Journey of the Modern Machine Shop

The Digital Journey of the Modern Machine shop

There are a number of challenges associated with running a machine shop. Customers demand high quality products and expect them to be delivered on incredibly short schedules. In a recent study it was found that the primary driver to improve operations is time-to-delivery. However, there a number of technical challenges that must be addressed, including:

  • High friction in the process of working with models,
  • Debilitating difficulty in creating toolpaths,
  • Unreliable verification of G-code
  • Low levels of machining knowledge reuse

These challenges can be overcome with the digital journey of the modern machine shop. This method allows you to seamlessly prepare and manipulate models from any CAD application, develop high quality toolpaths in an automated way, simulate the execution of the resulting G-code, and standardize NC knowledge reuse across the entire process.

This eBook provides insights into machine shops operations, including their key challenges to run more efficient processes.

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