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Switching to Siemens NX Software

3D CAD has accelerated your product development, but how do you manage all that data?

Teamcenter is the world’s most widely used PLM platform. Discover engineering productivity secrets your competitors don’t want you to know!


Product Benefits

Teamcenter PLM enables your business to:

  • Collaborate on product development across departments more easily using clear, intuitive user interfaces
  • Maximise product data & process control, including 3D Designs, Electronics, Documentation, Bill of materials (BOM) & more
  • Achieve greater returns by leveraging product information across more domains and departments, such as manufacturing, quality, cost engineering, compliance, service, and your supply chain

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Product Features

Multi-MCAD Management

Teamcenter can create, manage, visualize, validate and re-use native design data across a wide selection of MCAD systems, including NX and Solid Edge, as well as Dassault SolidWorks, Autodesk AutoCAD, Dassault CATIA, Autodesk Inventor and PTC Creo.

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Process & Task Management

With Teamcenter, you can automate product development processes, regardless of how simple or complex they are. You can create workflows that build-in your business logic, and define standard process templates to enforce best practices and eliminate errors.

Instant status, history and audit trails ensure you have complete control and visibility of your processes. With effective product development process management, you can give everyone exactly what they need to complete their task at the right time.

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Document Management

Teamcenter brings your document development and management processes into your PLM environment, synchronising them with your product development processes and keeping documents and technical publications up-to-date with product changes.

From an advanced Microsoft Office® interface, and a structured authoring and publishing environment for SGML/XML technical publishing, you can greatly reduce the effort to generate accurate, effective documents that can be tailored by market, language or product.

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Rapid Start PLM Option

Teamcenter Rapid Start delivers the world’s most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution, Teamcenter, pre-configured to utilise the most common industry best practices and the expertise of Siemens PLM Software.

By choosing Teamcenter Rapid Start’s pre-configured capabilities, you can minimise the costs of consulting and deployment, and get started with PDM quickly and cost-effectively.

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EBOM & MBOM Management

Teamcenter® software delivers bill-of-materials (BOM) management capabilities that enable you to know your product; whether it consists of 10 parts in a single configuration managed with basic processes and
tools, or it is a highly-complex product with millions of parts in thousands of configurations,
requiring more advanced tools, flexibility and scalability. One of the biggest gaps for many companies is the link between the virtual product definition and the physical, delivered product.

You might be developing products with limited ability to virtually validate whether they can actually be built. You might be relying on costly prototypes, or virtual tests of only a few valid product configurations. Teamcenter BOM management ties your virtual and physical product definitions together, providing accurate digital validation and simulation.

You can digitally validate your products, ensuring that what has been designed can actually be built. With “realized products,” you can eliminate costly prototypes and errors later in the process.

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Change Management

Change management is a critical PLM process. Teamcenter delivers end-to-end, closed-loop product change management so you can synchronize change and integrate your change processes across all product domains.

With flexible change management powered by PLM, you can implement change quickly, accurately and comprehensively.

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