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Access up-to-date product information quickly and easily

Teamcenter PLM for Solidworks provides intuitive access to product data from within your MCAD session, enabling you to work in a collaborative design environment with drag & drop access to your Solidworks models. Teamcenter software’s Active Workspace provides access to a full range of PLM functionality, enabling you to rapidly search for and securely access designs, manage data revisions, establish product configurations and initiate structured workflow and change processes in a single or multi-site deployment.

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Automated workflow processes, including design release and change

Consistently meeting product delivery and quality targets requires structured workflows and change processes across the enterprise. With Teamcenter PLM for SolidWorks, you can create workflows to initiate, execute, review and approve product changes or new part requests, and as part of these structured processes you can automatically route the appropriate notifications. Structured workflows, issue tracking and coordinated change management processes enable you to meet delivery targets and ensure total product quality.

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Collaborative design for your engineering workgroup

SolidWorks design engineers working as a team on a common assembly need to know when changes are made by others, so that they are always working with up-to-date reference models. Teamcenter integration for SolidWorks makes this easy with an intuitive notification and update feature. With this capability, your local workspace and in-session assembly model can be updated to the latest versions and revisions, in most cases with a single mouse click.

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Design sharing and re-use with external partners

Going beyond basic MCAD vaulting, the Teamcenter Integration for SolidWorks includes a rich set of utilities to support common collaboration and reuse scenarios. Bulk import and export utilities facilitate sharing of design data with external partners, and may be automated with the use of instruction files. SolidWorks assemblies may be cloned, with or without their drawings, using a wizard-based tool that can automatically exclude models based on configurable criteria.

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