We’re proud of the work we’ve done with our partners, and believe that it showcases the talent and skill we have.


Materials handling company uses Solid Edge to define a new class of product and develop a worldwide market.

  • Tripled annual turnover over eight years
  • Increased exports from 5 percent to 45 percent of turnover
  • Significantly reduced development time
  • Expanded model range fom 3 to 25

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Ross Robotics Case Study

Ross Robotics

Solid Edge supports the creative process of exploration and experimentation for reconfigurable robots.

  • Easy development of an integrated range of components
  • 75 percent time savings on certain tasks
  • Drawings quickly produced for both engineering and marketing

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Ten Kate Racing

Solid Edge helps Ten Kate Racing quickly explore design options, share information and speed up manufacturing by cutting machine times by 50 percent. Here are the results;

  • Cut machining lead times by 50 percent
  • Designed and manufactured new parts between races
  • Rebuilt bikes quickly after crashes


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Zumex markets products in more than 80 countries, placing its goods in large retail chains such as Starbucks and in corporate cafeterias such as those for Apple and Facebook. With more than 25 years of experience in fruit and vegetable processing and manufacturing juicers, the company is headquartered in Valencia, Spain. Here are the results;

  • Reduced development time by 50 percent
  • Increased collaboration between departments
  • Enabled high definition of products prior to manufacturing

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Planet Dryers

The removal of humidity is a key stage in the production of foods such as breakfast cereals and savory snacks. Without an effective drying process, there would be no satisfying crunch. In addition, food with moisture left in it will have a shorter shelf life – crisp breads, pasta and pet treats must be stable. Here are the results;

  • Standardization significantly increases efficiency
  • Easy customization improves effective product delivery
  • Greater overall process efficiency improves competitiveness
  • 3D expertise underpins business growth

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Fripp Design and Research

Solid Edge has reduced 90% reduction time at certain stages of development and also cut the overall development time by 30%. From the first notion of an idea to the fine detail of a complex and highly engineered item such as a facial prosthetic; award-winning Fripp Design and Research is recognized for its expertise in taking a concept through CAD realization and rapid prototyping to manufacture. Here are some challenges they faced;

  • Maintain and improve leading position within design and research
  • Ensure customers can explore commercial innovation with minimal financial risk

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University of Bath

One of the top UK universities for research, teaching, the student experience and employability, the University of Bath was ranked third after Oxford and Cambridge in The Times Good University Guide 2012. Mechanical Engineering was one of three individual subjects for which the university was ranked number one. Here are some challenges;

  • Facilitate engineering students in gaining practical design, engineering and manufacturing knowledge, especially skill and experience that can be applied commercially

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Ulster University

Solid Edge has provided the university additional expertise and guidance through consultancy.
Through the use of Solid Edge, students gain valuable skills that enhance their employability and enable them to contribute to industrial innovation. here are some Business Challenges

  • Enhance student employability
  • Provide expertise to the local business community

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Reverse Engineering Solutions

DAX Sports Cars

DAX Sports Cars has been producing DAX 427 replicas for over thirty years. The cars are plainly gorgeous, and meticulously detailed. They have continued to develop the chassis over time. DAX has sold over 4000 kits, and they also offer completely finished vehicles for those who prefer their cars pre-made without the worry of a loose part. Some Business Challenges

  • Cut time of production
  • Manage documentation more effectively and retain knowledge
  • Respond to desire for customisation with broader aesthetic selection

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TSC Inspection Systems Case Study

TSC Inspection Systems

Solid Edge help deliver dramatic improvements in speed and productivity, resulting in a 40 percent increase in sales two years running. TSC Inspection Systems (TSC) is a world-leading company and the pioneer of Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM®) – an electromagnetic technique for detecting and sizing surface-breaking defects in metal. Here are some results;

  • Implement Solid Edge, which is consistent with the company’s own advanced technology
  • Use synchronous technology to import a customer’s model and edit without needing to recreate model history

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Totalis Designs Limited

Totalis Designs provide mechanical and electrical design and drafting services to a wide variety of industries including large industrial manufacturers, defence industries, brewery and gymnasium equipment manufacturers. Business impact ;

  • Quicker design times
  • Reduction of business costs

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Cooke Optics

Film Lens Company, Cooke Optics launches new products twice a year with Solid Edge efficiency.

Business Challenges

  • Respond to customer demand for new specifications
  • Accelerate new product introduction
  • Increase production

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Whale cuts development time with a combination of Solid Edge, 3D printing, physical testing and technical support from Majenta PLM.

Business challenges

  • Continue to improve and expand the range of products
  • Grow the business by providing design and prototype services

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WL Solutions

WL Solutions provides engineering design services to the industrial machinery sector and in particular the mechanical handling and print finishing segments using specific skills and experience gained in the machinery design field over many years. The company has recently adopted Solid Edge, the hybrid 2D/3D CAD system from Siemens PLM Software and supplied by Majenta PLM, UK and Ireland Business Partner of the Year 2012.

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Sheffield Sustainable Kitchen Case Study

Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens

You may have seen Sheffield Sustainable Kitchens on television and not even realised it, for the company provided the hi-tech sustainable kitchen that featured in the 2012 UK national television Channel 4 documentary series Home of the Future. As Rob Cole, Director, explains, “The series featured a family from Sheffield who have their lives transformed by cutting-edge technology, giving them a taste of how we all might be living the future.”

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