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Solid Edge Electrical Wiring Design – On Demand Webinar

Intelligent Wiring Diagrams for Electrical Systems Design


Developing an electrical system is not as simple as plugging in a wire here and adding a connector there. Engineers must design the systems to meet specific requirements. For instance, a requirement often exists that wires must be sized to satisfy specific power needs while maintaining signal integrity.

Components and connectors must be selected that comply with ever-increasing industry standards and regulations.

Once wiring diagrams are complete, many systems require the wires to be physically routed through the mechanical product, demanding close coordination with mechanical engineers to ensure that wires fall within necessary length specifications. Developing these systems becomes a highly constrained, exceedingly collaborative and very iterative process.

Watch our on-demand Webinar

This webinar will demonstrate tools that enable the creation of wiring diagrams, verify circuit behavior and validate the electrical integrity using industry-proven Solid Edge Wiring Design software. This graphical authoring environment provides an intuitive user interface. Built-in intelligent parts libraries and how these are used to drive simplicity and automation in the designs will also be shown.

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