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Solid Edge Synchronous Technology – Quick Start Guide

Introducing synchronous technology for the history-based user.

Synchronous technology was born out of the idea that merging the best ideas of direct edit techniques with the best ideas of history-based modeling would deliver unprecedented power and control in editing CAD geometry.

In this document, we hope to help history-based users of all stripes understand synchronous technology better. Whether you’re an experienced Solid Edge® software ordered user or are coming from SolidWorks® software or Inventor® software, we want to help you understand this revolution in CAD. This is not necessarily a book for CAD beginners. We expect that you will already have an understanding of history-based CAD programs such as SolidWorks, Autodesk, Inventor, PTC Creo® software, or even ordered (history-based) functionality in Solid Edge.

Why synchronous?

Let’s start by understanding the name, synchronous technology. What does it mean? “Synchronous” means that several things are happening together, at the same time, in a coordinated way. This is contrasted with the history-based concept of doing things sequentially.

Synchronous technology adds several other technologies on top of the direct edit method such as feature recognition, intent recognition, driving dimensions (PMI), Face Relations, and proceduralm features. In synchronous technology, the entire model is solved at once. By contrast, in history-based CAD, the model is solved one feature at a time, and each successive feature is added to the body. So in a sense, solving the whole model at once rather than sequentially in parts can also be thought of as “synchronous”.

Download the document to learn how synchronous technology can benefit you.

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