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Solid Edge Generative Design Pro Factsheet

Solid Edge Generative Design Pro is a powerful solution that enables quick creation of optimized, lightweight product designs.

By using Solid Edge Generative Design Pro, you can create attractive organic-looking designs. Once the designer inputs requirements like design space, mate-rial, loads, target weight, safety factor, manufacturing constraints, etc., Solid Edge Generative Design Pro applies finite element methods (FEM) and computing power to analyze hundreds of potential solutions; then offers the optimum shape that meets the design requirements. The resulting high-quality output is a mesh (or facet) based 3D computer-aided design (CAD) model that can be edited further or sent directly to a 3D printer.


– Use advanced software and computing power to optimize designs
– Realize the value of additive manufacturing
– Improve machine efficiency with lower component weight
– Reduce component cost by using less material
– Create highly aesthetic products
– Reduce multi-part assemblies to single components

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