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Solid Edge CAM 2.5 Axis Webinar

Experience 2.5 Axis Milling – now included in Solid Edge mechanical design

Transform your manufacturing and maximize your design data with the powerful, automated tools of fully integrated Solid Edge CAD/CAM solutions. Solid Edge now includes 2.5-axis milling for customers with Solid Edge Foundation, Classic, and Premium licenses under an active maintenance contract. CAM Pro 2.5 Axis allows users to maintain full associativity with design data, while instilling confidence with automated tool path creation and visualizations for optimized machining processes.

The included 2.5 Axis CAM package, based on NX CAM, has the same capabilities as the full 2.5 Axis package. It includes advanced capabilities such as adaptive milling for 2.5 axis operations, which were previously available only in 3- and 5-axis milling. Adaptive milling is an innovative process that improves productivity while providing longer cutting tool life. This is achieved by delivering consistent tool load while removing high rates of material.

Another included capability is planar deburring, a new feature that improves the quality of parts manufactured using 2.5-axis milling by automatically identifying and removing burrs and sharp edges along planar faces.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the technical advantages and capabilities available with this CAM license and also get a further insight into how to activate the license in your Solid Edge software.

– Load & control assembly models, maintaining CAD associativity
– Adaptive Roughing & re-roughing
– Facing & Z-level finishing
– Hole-making methods including manual positioning and feature based automation
– An extensive range of Post-Processors online to download



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