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Solid Edge: 2D Nesting Webinar

Access our Solid Edge 2D Nesting Webinar

Generate optimized layouts fast.

Siemens Solid Edge 2D Nesting is a powerful standalone module designed to generate optimized layouts for the two-dimensional cutting of fabrication materials, including sheet metal, plastic, wood, fabric and textiles. 2D Nesting saves fabricators time and money by allowing them to manage material use more effectively.

The process of 2D nesting, or the organization of 2D shapes efficiently on a single cutting plane, is much like processes dressmakers have used for decades. The optimized nesting patterns, created using a next-generation nesting algorithm, markedly reduce preparation time, waste and costs.

The Siemens software automatically places complex shapes and large quantities of shapes into the environment seamlessly. Additionally users are able to nest using multiple sheet sizes in order to reduce tailings or partial sheets.

Watch this webinar to discover how the software could be implemented and excel your business.

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