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Simcenter FloEFD Software: Fully CAD-embedded CFD software for engineers & designers to shorten development by evaluating fluid flow & heat transfer earlier in NX, Solid Edge, CATIA & Creo. Trial includes full FloEFD License.

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Simcenter FloEFD Free Trial Software

The Simcenter FloEFD free trial offers tools to deeper understand and analyse fluid behaviour by front loading the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) 3D simulation. The results will help you develop the best product with optimal functionality early on in the process. Multi-parametric studies and algorithms allow you to gain insight into the variations of temperature and flow dynamics.

As part of the Simcenter FloEFD free trial, you have a range of tools right at your fingertips. Test your products fluid behaviour using 100 different scenarios to find the optimal performance. Testing and evaluation of results is a key benefit of creating a digital twin of your product in order to save time and cost.

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Product Features

Simcenter FloEFD: Frontloading CFD

During the design phase, speed is of the essence. By iterating rapidly, engineers can discard the less attractive ideas and innovate more. And this is exactly where Simcenter FLOEFD free trial fits into the process, it reduces overall time to a solution by as much as 65-75 per-cent compared to other CFD tools.

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Simcenter FloEFD 2020.2.0

For analysis to become an integral part of the design process, it must be easy to use and adapt to your design process. Developed for engineers, Simcenter™ FLOEFD™ software turns computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis into a plug-in for computer-aided design (CAD).

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FloEFD for Solid Edge

The Simcenter FloEFD free trial is the only computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tool for fluid flow and heat transfer that is fully embedded in Solid Edge software, and it is a premier frontloading CFD simulation tool.

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FloEFD for Siemens NX CAD

The Simcenter FloEFD free trial is a fully CAD-embedded computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that can be used by Siemens NX users. Take advantage of upfront fluid flow simulation and heat transfer analysis.

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