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Simcenter Femap Version 2021.2 Fact Sheet

Simcenter Femap Version 2021.2

Simcenter Femap is a standalone finite element modeling tool offers advanced pre- and postprocessor capabilities for engineering simulation and analysis. Simcenter Femap is CAD independent and can import geometry from all major CAD platforms, as well as work in combination with a wide variety of FEA solvers, including Simcenter Nastran. The Siemens software offers valuable time savings through data reuse and knowledge sharing. Capturing repetitive CAE processes, standardising them and automating them assists with increasing simulation throughput.

The software’s main focus is on facilitating mesh creation and modification. Matching mesh sizes and determining mesh propagation between disconnected geometric entities can be specified based on the proximity of edge curves to another.

This latest update of Simcenter Femap offers a range of enhancements that will transform you productivity across the simulation workflow. Updates include:

  • Powerful new meshing technology that can use geometry or an existing mesh as a starting point
  • Ability to import Convergent Modeling geometry, then modify and mesh the geometry
  • Multiple subcases now available to control behavior of dynamic analysis for Nastran solvers
  • Export of enhanced JT data format visualization files containing additional modeling information or results from multiple output cases

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