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Femap Software: An advanced simulation application for engineers creating, editing and inspecting finite element models of complex products or systems.
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Simcenter FEMAP Free Trial Software

The Simcenter FEMAP free trial is a powerful finite element modelling (FEM) solution offering pre- and post- processor features for engineering simulation and analysis. The software includes tools that assist with the creation and modification of mesh, as well as matching mesh sizes and determining mesh propagation. Take full control over your designs through the option of midsurfacing overlap repair to limit overlap of surfaces. Access the full range of Simcenter FEMAP libraries as part of your Simcenter FEMAP free trial. The libraries give you access to previous geometry data as well as the opportunity to create your own. This saves time, increases usability of the software and improves collaboration.

The Simcener FEMAP free trial offers the whole suite of tools and capabilities to ensure you have everything you need to start transforming your business. Activate your Simcenter FEMAP free trial now!

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Product Features


Meet various industry standards and overcome challenges such as financial, regulatory and environment constraints through the use of composite materials. Replacing traditional materials has a range of advantages such as better performance, lighter weight, lower energy consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Ensure accurate results and save time on creating fluid domain geometry from complex assemblies. The fluid models can be used for either computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or acoustics simulation.

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Structural Simulation

Providing you with best-in-class simulation modelling with the power to perform basic structural analysis with an industry-standard solver. Combining Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop, NX Nastran environment, and the NX Nastran desktop solver enables detailed analysis with the ability to add additional solutions for advanced analysis.

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Thermal Simulation

Simcenter FEMAP free trial Advanced Thermal software offers a range of advanced analysis capabilities alongside radiative and electrical heating models, advanced material models and one-dimensional hydraulic network modelling. This advanced use of simulations offers a reduction on physical prototype costs and product design risk.

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The Meshing for Acoustics application contains all the necessary tools to create an acoustic fluid mesh in a user-friendly way from an existing structural mesh or CAD geometry. Use of these capabilities accelerates the interior and exterior acoustic meshing process.

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Simcenter offers engineering optimisation techniques to help you reduce material in a component or change its properties while ensuring it continues to meet performance targets.

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Spend more time evaluating analysis results by using unique tools as part of Simcenter FEMAP free trial. Tools include CAE geometry editing, comprehensive meshing, FE assembly management, multi-CAE solver environments, fast simulation results, post processing and reporting.

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Simulation Automation & Scalability

Simcenter allows you to capture the expertise of senior analysts and make it available for junior engineers in your organisation to use in the form of wizards or templates.

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Meshing Techniques

Geometry idealisation and meshing is easy with the Simcenter FEMAP free trial. Connect different element types, rotate and copy mesh, and complete normal and complex analysis of your design.

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