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Simcenter 3D Free Trial Software

The Simcenter 3D free trial offers an advanced and powerful CAE environment. As part of the free trial, you will receive full access to the extensive geometry editing capabilities, simulation modelling and multi-discipline solutions. This means you are able to simulate a range of scenarios in various disciplines including; structural and acoustics, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), flow, thermal, motion and composites analyses. Meshing tools, which are part of the Simcenter 3D free trial, include both automatic and manual mesh generation of 1D, 2D and 3D elements. Simcenter offers in depth simulation insight with co-simulation for 1D and 3D designs as well as model simulation tools.

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Product Features

Acoustics Simulation

Advanced modelling capabilities for efficiently predicting and simulating flow-induced noise. The Simcenter 3D free trial provides simulation for two types of scenarios; preparing flow-induced pressure loads that apply to a structural model and turbulence in the flow that acts as a noise source that radiates acoustically in the same fluid environment it originated.

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Meet various industry standards and overcome challenges such as financial, regulatory and environment constraints through the use of composite materials. Replacing traditional materials has a range of advantages such as better performance, lighter weight, lower energy consumption and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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Fluid Dynamics Simulation

Ensure accurate results and save time on creating fluid domain geometry from complex assemblies. The fluid models can be used for either computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or acoustics simulation.

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Motion Simulation

Understand, evaluate and optimise mechanical and mechatronic systems through utilising the complete and simple-to-use set of capabilities to study kinematics and rigid body dynamics during product development. This will ensure a reduction in costly physical prototypes and save time through quickly converting CAD geometry and assemblies into fully functional motion models.

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Multiphysics Simulation

This feature combines all CAE solutions in one integrated platform. Capabilities include analysis of thermal flow, thermomechanical, fluid structure, vibro-acoustics, aero-vibro-acoustics, aero-acoustics, electromagnetic thermal and electromagnetic-vibro-acoustics.

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Structural Simulation

Providing you with best-in-class simulation modelling with the power to perform basic structural analysis with an industry-standard solver. Combining Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop, NX Nastran environment, and the NX Nastran desktop solver enables detailed analysis with the ability to add additional solutions for advanced analysis.

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Thermal Simulation

Simcenter 3D free trial Advanced Thermal software offers a range of advanced analysis capabilities alongside radiative and electrical heating models, advanced material models and one-dimensional hydraulic network modelling. This advanced use of simulations offers a reduction on physical prototype costs and product design risk.

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The Meshing for Acoustics application contains all the necessary tools to create an acoustic fluid mesh in a user-friendly way from an existing structural mesh or CAD geometry. Use of these capabilities accelerates the interior and exterior acoustic meshing process.

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Advanced Durability

Simcenter 3D free trial durability provides a set of analytical tools to predict the life of products and evaluate their fatigue resistance when they are subjected to prescribed stress and/or strain histories residing in Simcenter 3D structural solutions.

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Nastran Topology Optimisation

Reduce time-to-market with the Topology Optimisation software by generating innovative designs for new families of products. Optimise many different criteria based on linear statics, modal and buckling analysis, to genuinely support generative engineering.

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Noise and Vibration

Provides noise and vibration pre/post capabilities addressing the need to build, understand, evaluate and optimise the noise and vibration performance of system assembly models. The ability to study and bring an in depth understanding of the noise and vibration behaviour at the subsystem or system level.

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