Referral Scheme: Terms and Conditions

Here at OnePLM, we’re always looking for companies who can benefit from our products.

If you would like to introduce us to a company that you think would benefit from Siemens PLM software or you know is considering investing in CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, CFD or ALM then simply contact us using the form on the referral page. We will keep you updated on the outcome and if your lead goes on to buy Siemens PLM software, we will send a reward that you pick from our selection.

Terms & Conditions

*Companies eligible to be referred must not already be actively engaged with OnePLM. Provision of your reward will be made once the referred company has closed business with OnePLM and completed payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is no limit on how many companies you can introduce us to. If the company is eligible and the sale is completed, you will receive a reward of your choice for each successful lead you provide.

Simply fill in the form on the referral page with your own contact details, and the contact details of your referral contact. An account manager from our team will then contact you to let you know if your referral is eligible by checking if we are already engaged with the company in question.

Once the company you referred has completed their Siemens software purchase and payment has been received, our account manager will send you your reward.

We will keep you informed throughout the sales cycle.

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