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Polarion Requirements Management Software Systems

Polarion requirements management software systems allow you to effectively capture all project requirements information, including stakeholder emails, reviews, changes and comments. This gives users end-to-end traceability and records that can be reused for future designs.

It takes outdated spreadsheets and applications storing project data and breaks them down into individual work items, allowing users to track the status of requirements at any time, leading to better collaboration, improved speed to market and fewer errors.

Polarion is also seamlessly integrated with CAD, enabling you to work directly with your parts and assemblies while simultaneously managing the project requirements.


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Benefits and value
  • Accelerate collaboration with 100% browser-based access and concurrent editing of specification documents.
  • Easily import and analyse existing Microsoft Office documents. Export for offline collaboration so changes made outside of Polarion can be imported back seamlessly.
  • Pass any audit, compliance, or regulatory inspection with traceability that is easily implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control.
  • Invite and require stakeholders to electronically sign the specification documents as reviewed or approved before they can be released to production.
  • Live Branches and Document Reuse let you manage commonalities in your products without copy and paste.

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