April 4th, 2018

It’s that time of the year again – A new version of Polarion is available. It’s time to announce the new major release of Polarion ALM version 18 – As with every major release, it includes all the capabilities that were previously released during the year through the  (17.1, 17.2, 17.3) service releases.

They include:

Drag&Drop on the SCRUM and Kanban Boards (17.2, 17.3),

Enterprise deployment boosts:

ITAR configurability (17.1),

Support for SAML authentication (17.1),

Variant restriction propagation (17.3),

Advanced requirement reuse options (17.2),

Attachment previews (17.1, 17.2),

Find out about more, in the linked New & Noteworthy blog posts.


Whats New?

Polarion 18 also includes additional capabilities finalized since 17.3 and described in more detail below. Here are a few highlights:

Merge table cells in the rich text formatting editor,

A new Test Execution View,

The memory allocation of the Polarion Application Server was heavily optimized.

Polarion major version releases roll up new features and improvements already released to customers during previous Service Releases, and add a few new things. To learn more what we have released in our previous Service Releases check out these posts:

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To learn whats new in this major release and what we have added recently since Polarion ALM 17.3, to the product check the blog as well: Polarion ALM 18.0 – What’s New and Noteworthy

Update Information

Version 18 is an update for all Polarion ALM products. It is free to all customers with a current maintenance subscription.

Customers can download the update distribution from GTAC:


GTAC  > Polarion  > Full Products > 18  > PolarionUpdate_18.zip

If your Siemens maintenance subscription is current, they can update from version 2016 or 17 to version 18 using the License Key Code you already have. All that is needed is to activate updated installation, which can be done either online or offline. For details, see the bundled HOW_TO_INSTALL_THIS_UPDATE.txt in the update distribution.


If customers would like to evaluate this release before updating the production installation, they can simply visit https://polarion.plm.automation.siemens.com/downloads, download the product of their choice, install it on any available computer and use the built-in 30-day evaluation license.