We are all aware of the headlines and reports regarding the current lack of engineering skill within the U.K., and the consequences this has for the economy. This situation does not generate much confidence for the future state of engineering and manufacturing. We want – and it can be argued we need – to create strong and enduring links between the educational sector and industry in order to benefit the wider sector as a whole.


We have strong links with the likes of Ulster University, the University of Bath, Loughborough University and Silverstone UTC to name a few. Yet, we still want to build upon these and extend the good work of educating future engineers in technical software and industry standard techniques using Siemens PLM Software. As well as the students, we are using our engineering expertise to enhance the teaching curriculum in collaboration with tutors and teachers.

The video highlights a recent Solid Edge CAD user event we held at Silverstone UTC; exemplifying our relationship with education and the commitment to inspiring the next generation of engineers.


Through our work with partners of outstanding engineering pursuits, including Ben Ainslie Racing and Bloodhound SSC, we are surpassing what has previously been thought possible. We support such pursuits with Siemens PLM resources, training and guidance.



We understand the needs of engineering and manufacturing businesses. Coupled with this is our educational emphasis, so bringing these areas closer together will create better relationships between the two. Placing talent that is trained and aware of industry demands gives both parties the best chance to succeed.

Each area informs and relates to the other. Better educated individuals creates a stronger workforce, which in turn produces a stronger economy. Better partnerships inspire individuals internally, as well as externally inspiring young people through exciting engineering. Better placements improve motivation in education, so students see the rewards for their efforts and employers are can be reassured in their investments.

At OnePLM we are always open to new partnerships in education or industry. If you want to explore the possibility of working with us in education, partnership, finding placements, or just would like to know more, then please get in touch.