Marine Industry

As the demand for high value-added vessels increases, so does the need to control the risks associated with more complex design and manufacturing processes so projects are delivered on time and on budget. To remain competitive, organisations in the marine industry must deliver those vessels on time, on budget, and on quality.

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Our Technology in the Marine Industry

Commercial Shipbuilding in the Marine Industry

Organisations in the marine industry aim to increase shipyard productivity and improve vessel performance to meet sustainability and growth targets. With traditional design, planning and manufacturing processes falling short of delivering sustainable vessels with lower total cost of ownership and shorter time to market, more and more shipyards are turning towards digital solutions.

To remain competitive in today’s uncertain shipbuilding market, shipyards must deliver bids that are both attractive and accurate. As the demand for high value-added vessels increases, so does the need to control the risks associated with more complex design and manufacturing processes so projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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Naval Shipbuilding

Advanced solutions for the design, production and sustainment of modern fleets. Today’s naval shipyards need to be able to control large programs, agilely manage change and efficiently handle modularity, while providing greater vessel performance and affordability. Naval ship developers in the marine industry are searching for effective software solutions to design and build the vessel on time and to budget. Increasing requirements from stakeholders and growing complexity of modern ships means developers are searching for a system that enhances collaboration and maintains communication throughout the product lifecycle.

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Integrated Ship Design & Engineering

Today in the marine industry, shipbuilders are faced with unprecedented pressure to increase ship efficiency and reduce emissions in order to comply with more and more stringent environmental regulations. In addition, the slowdown of the global economy is having a direct impact on the demand for maritime transportation, with a rippled effect in the newbuild market. As a consequence, increased competition is forcing shipbuilders to reduce delivery times and lower ship lifecycle costs. Finally, as the demand for more versatile and high-tech vessels increases across all segments of the marine industry, shipyards are having a rough time managing and mitigating the risks associated with increasing levels of design complexity.

The design and engineering phases typically represent 5 to 10% of the overall production cost of a vessel, and yet has an impact on about 85% of the construction costs. It is also during this phase that ~90% of the vessel performance is determined. Getting things right from the start of the project is critical to ensure success.

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Integrated Project Planning

In today’s uncertain marine market, a shipyard’s ability to secure new business depends on bid accuracy and completeness. However, staying in control of shipbuilding projects becomes harder as new technologies, processes, and materials are introduced and the complexity in design and build increases. Innovation and complexity introduces new risks that need to be identified early and managed carefully as the project progresses.

To overcome these risks, organisations in the marine industry must take advantage of technological advances to better manage processes and day-to-day activities. An increasing number of shipyards are using solutions that offer efficient planning and execution capabilities in a unified system coupled with better risk, requirements and change management in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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