Digitalization for the Industrial Machinery & Heavy Equipment Industry

Heavy equipment and industrial machines are more complex than ever. In an increasingly competitive market, Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment companies must ensure innovation and manage complexity.

Industrial Machinery

Increased customisation and sophisticated software controls challenge today’s industrial machinery industry to deliver machine systems in scope, time and budget. Software and automated product systems are becoming more complex, requiring integration with IoT sensors and increased emphasis on software and system validation. These requirements challenge engineering operations to control of mechanical, electrical and software versions to support customers and benefit from design reuse.

Machinery designers are constantly faced with design challenges, requiring innovative solutions that expand part conceptualisation beyond conventional 3D approaches. Couple design challenges with time to market and compressed margins, and it becomes essential to improve efficiency and validate virtually before manufacturing.

Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment

From agriculture to construction, mining and material handling, heavy equipment is undergoing a shift in sophistication. This includes enhanced integration with the manufacturing operating environment.

Changing design requirements, from more powerful powertrains to complex load cases and operating conditions, challenge single-discipline simulation and analysis tools. Software-driven product features, functions and operating systems are becoming more complex, requiring integration with IoT sensors and increased emphasis on software validation and revision management. The integration extends to the manufacturing floor and supply chain, driving the need for increased, closed-loop quality with a focus on operating costs and waste reduction.

Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Mold & Tool

Mold and Tool Manufacturers are faced with multiple challenges including product designs that are becoming much more complex while materials utilised in production are shifting to lighter-weight alternatives. This complexity is driving the demand for more tools and molds. Tooling manufacturers need to be more innovative to stay ahead of the global competition so they can differentiate on reliability and flexibility to meet OEM requirements, cost and frequent design modifications.

Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

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