Energy & Utilities Industry

The energy and utilities industry is becoming more complex with the increasing requirements of embedded software and electronics content. Many manufacturers face challenges in adapting efficiently to these new and ever- changing needs. Organisations within the industry are in need of best practice-driven software solutions that facilitate supply chain collaboration in the design, construction, maintenance and retirement of mission-critical energy and utilities assets.

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Our Technology in the Energy & Utilities Industry

Multi-domain Integration Strategies

Embedded software and electronics content continues to rise across the energy and utilities equipment market, from sensor monitoring equipment performance to fully automated plants. More and more traditional mechanical features are now accomplished with embedded electronics and software. In the current climate, organisations in the energy and utilities industry are being forced to develop more innovative products and services to remain competitive and are investing in multi-domain integration strategies.

To keep up with market trends organisations are taking advantage of Siemens software solutions to drive innovation and transform their current product development methods and processes.

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Energy, utilities, oil and gas Siemens Software

Increasing complexity

In the energy and utilities market, global equipment and engineered assemblies are becoming increasingly complex due to the performance and regulatory requirements. Documentation supporting these requirements must be suitable for the respective market in both terminology and the specific configuration of the delivered equipment. Companies need to produce a variety of documents that incorporate information contained in the PLM system, from operations and maintenance manuals to configuration-specific documents for operator safety training and regulatory compliance. Also, developing technical content earlier in the product development process, and with immediate access to sophisticated and rapidly changing product source data, generate higher-quality documentation that is consistent with the product design and ready when the assets are ready to ship.

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Energy, utilities, oil and gas Siemens Software

Engineer to Order

The use of complex Engineer to Order (ETO) equipment in the energy and utilities industry continues to increase. New greenfield capital projects are incorporating innovative designs and specialty equipment to drive operational efficiencies. Existing brownfield operations are being retrofitted to extend service life as owner-operators defer capital spending initiatives. Managing the constraints of new and retrofit projects often require custom solutions that cater more to the ETO business model.

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Modular Plant Design

Global megatrends such as the rise of international competition and prolonged low commodity prices are disrupting the entire energy and utilities industry. Leading Equipment OEM’s and EPCs are adopting a more modular approach to plant and module design and fabrication. A modular plant design approach allows project teams to decompose large plant data structures into smaller, multi-discipline modules.

When combined with our solutions for 3D CAD and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), plant module assemblies and subassemblies can be designed and revised under full configuration control. This allows designers to explore modular solutions that would previously been cost or time prohibitive.

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Energy, utilities, oil and gas Siemens Software

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