Digitalization for the Automotive & Transportation Industry

The Automotive and Transportation market is changing fast. Innovation around autonomous, electrification and mobility has disrupted the industry and shows no signs of slowing down. Consumer demands change every day, from wanting more connected cars to greater levels of safety. And governments are creating new regulations daily to support global trends for a greener society.

Software & Systems Engineering

The Automotive and Transportation market is changing faster than ever. Consumers are demanding more connected vehicles. Governments require greener transportation. In addition, new competitors are delivering on these needs and much more. This leads to a more complex vehicle development process. The only way to address these issues is an integrated Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach. With Software & Systems Engineering, your teams can manage this complexity to deliver the right vehicle on time, every time.

Automotive & Transportation

Future vehicles will be computers on wheels

The race to lead autonomous vehicle development has begun. New digital technologies are driving demand for smart connected products like self-driving cars. Forecasts predict many trillions of dollars of economic activity from new and existing automakers, shared mobility services, and an increasingly varied auto supply chain over the next few decades. You can expect an unprecedented increase in vehicle development complexity in an already challenging market with fierce global competition from technology companies.

Automotive & Transportation

Vehicle Electrification

Vehicle electrification is a driving force in the ongoing revolution in the automotive industry. Engineering electric vehicles fast and profitably, while making them desirable to consumers, is a daunting challenge. Automakers and the vehicle electrification supply chain are looking for a solution to reduce development time and deliver high-quality solutions, with the ability to adapt to changes easily at every stage of the process.

Smart Manufacturing

A fully digitalized business model is accomplished by connecting all phases of the product lifecycle with a digital thread. And critical technologies like cloud, mobility, additive manufacturing, and advanced robotics are needed to enable this type of digitalized environment.

Over the last several years these technologies have reached a level of maturity to enable this transformation, such that companies are now able to leverage them in their current state to digitalize their environments and the process of transforming innovative ideas and raw materials into real products.

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