Digitalization for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Aerospace and defense organisations are developing cutting edge platforms and systems with exceptional performance goals. Governments are transforming infrastructure and security systems for new aircraft and technology. The driving force is innovation, facilitated by collaborative, synchronized program management across the aerospace and defense product lifecycle and value chain.

Model Based Systems Engineering

Aerospace and defense companies are faced with several challenges such as difficulty in managing document centric systems engineering processes, risks due to integration of complex systems and supplier relationships and compliance with regulatory requirements. Orchestrate your technical program by using modeling to define product architecture and requirements, explore design space, design interfaces, manage integrations, test virtually and finally verify the product fulfils the compliance to requirements.

Product Design & Engineering in Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense companies face increased product complexity, greater customization, and competitive disruption on a global basis. These challenges cannot be addressed by document-based and other inefficient methods still employed by many companies. It is imperative that companies conform to agile engineering and design thinking and processes. Our open multi-discipline, scalable and standards-based solution provides all the necessary tools for agile aerospace product development.

Aerospace Defence Siemens PLM software NX Solid Edge Teamcenter

Integrated Program Planning & Execution

Consistent program planning and execution excellence are essential to winning new business. Our solution provides a systems approach to program planning and execution by integrating cost, schedule and technical requirements in a fully planned, resourced and budgeted program management system. The solution is easy to maintain and scalable to commercial and government programs of any size. Improve your ability to execute on cost and schedule by using an integrated system that manages all program artifacts.

Aerospace Defence Jet NX Solid Edge Teamcenter Siemens

Verification Management

Our aerospace and defense verification management solution helps companies achieve faster time to certification by providing a single, integrated environment that ensures all product verification events, whether simulation modeling and analysis or physical tests, are driven by requirements, planned and executed in the correct sequence, link individual tests and analyses to necessary resources and provide full traceability.

Product Realisation

Companies in the aerospace and defense industry face a number of challenges, including increasingly complex programs, fierce competition, heightened regulatory requirements and changing customer priorities. One strategy that can help you successfully execute programs in this environment is to shift manufacturing considerations to earlier in the product lifecycle. We offer a process-driven PLM approach that brings manufacturing engineering into every aspect of your aerospace program, starting with the bid and continuing throughout the product lifecycle.

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